Our services

Precision and versatility require high levels of methodological expertise from everyone involved in the process. Prototype and niche series manufacturing in particular rely on specialist knowledge and impeccable timing.

Laser Powder Bed Fusion

Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF technology) is known for its short product cycle times and ability to accommodate complex specifications. Components are produced layer-by-layer, without the need for models or tools. This gives us a great degree of freedom to produce high-quality variations in shape and functionality in comparison with other processes. We use production installations with the largest build space (800 x 400 x 500 mm) in this technology sector.

Technology consulting

Process and product quality is determined in the earliest stages of a project. By providing comprehensive technology consulting from our experts, we set out all of the process-specific parameters in close discussion with our customers. We also run workshops on designing components that are suitable for LPBF.


We predominantly use light metal in different alloys for our customer projects, as well as various steel alloys and special alloys. We optimise mechanical properties in-house using multistage heat treatment.

Post-treatment of components

Producing a high-quality raw part requires structured post-treatment. This starts with the removal of support structures and continues into multistage surface treatment up to the finish in our machining.

Other technologies

Aside from our additive manufacturing, we also offer our customers manufacturing solutions in other technologies such as forging, punching, forming, plastics engineering and casting. This is where our skills in project management and ensuring our network partners deliver quality services really come to the fore.

Project management

Additive manufacturing is only possible if humans and machines work together systematically in conjunction with an efficient production planning system. Today's production processes are highly complex, requiring integration of everything from customer requirements right through to component realisation.

Portable 3D measuring equipment

We verify high-precision manufacturing by means of highly accurate, non-contact geometric 3D capture using optical 3D measuring equipment. This starts when we develop our measuring strategy and continues through to initial sample approval up to final sampling. We are also able to take exact measurements on site at our customers' premises.